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Author Topic: The Wishing Book  (Read 2600 times)


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The Wishing Book
« on: 2006-10-23, 13:19:11 »

I had a strange and abstract Harry Potter dream a few nights ago. I just now recall the dream.

I walked into a laboratory where Harry Potter was being interrigated by some kind of dark mage who was creating a black mist around Harry. I was with his two other friends and we immediately interupt what the mage was doing. I recall Hermione had a strange green chemical dumped on her during the scuffle, but don't recall whether it caused any harm.

Then I see a book adorned into a brick wall of intricate gears near the top of the outside of a clocktower building that was unlike anything I've seen before. The book had a lock on it and was locked into the wall by the intricate gears that appears to make up some kind of strange puzzle. The book was a thing of great power, allowing the reader to make grand wishes that could change the world.

Upon solving the riddle through a series of gear manipulations, the book releases from the wall. Suddlening streaks of moving clouds appear in the sky and swoop down towards the clocktower. I realized they aren't clouds, but strange spirits. Things turn very abstract as I watch a sphere of red liquid form in the minst of the streaks of spirits. Walking upon this man sized sphere as if it was a world of its own were some kind of small fury red creatures fighting small fury pink creatures in some kind of creature war.

I'm not sure what to make of it from there. Very odd dream, but very artistic.

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