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Author Topic: Ezykeyal  (Read 3351 times)


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« on: 2007-08-11, 18:09:51 »

I've always kept the same name which was roughly based on the character Ezekiel from one of the older Johnny Quest episodes, gotto love religious zealots.
Ok legal infrigment right here, I downloaded this game back in my downloading days back in 2000 when it was released in the states because mainly the title "Vampire" appealed to me big time and I was getting bored with half-life modding.
I played the game thoroughly and loved it so much I decided to buy it.
At this point I knew nothing of the PnP version that already existed for ages.

Since I was working on Half-Life modeling for several months right after I was done with Duke Nukem 3D I decided to get into the modding of this game as I found limitations with the previous games and believed this was the first game after that provided me with the right setting and ideas to make anything I would like.

I started with basic mapping, not knowing that sir Rainmoon (Javokis) was doing a 3D version of Resident Evil which was one of my favorite games back then.
I completed the entire RE mansion within 2 weeks which was quite an achievement and was full of flaws, I was unaware of at that time since my actual game development knowledge was quite limited.
I did a Resident Evil version for Duke Nukem 3D but was too limited to continue certain parts and had to find something else.
My knowledge of games and 3D had been created truly with the modding of Vampire and I eventually lead me to get seriously into the games development industry where I am now.
I met some of the most amazing people during my years at Redemption of which some I owe a thanks and some of you are still around here nowadays.

I remember in the very beginning I was such an ass but hey, people learn from their mistakes (hopefully) and it boosted my social skills.
Who says the net is'nt good for anything huh.
I joined various serious roleplaying guilds and started getting seriously into the pnp version of vampire which I enjoyed so very much.
It makes me feel sad that all those people I knew back then, who were such amazing people in real life as well (whom I eventually met and had relation with) are mostly all gone and disappeared.
Now as far as I know only a handfull is around and some of you are still trying to make something of it which is intrigueing.
Well ain't that a fact, that's my story.

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