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Author Topic: I rescued children  (Read 2811 times)


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I rescued children
« on: 2006-07-06, 17:04:13 »

I had a dream last night that I rescued some children from a bunch of dark religious fanatics. I don't remember how I got them out of the fanatic's single story house, but I was carrying one of the children towards an adjacent building when one of the fanatics come up behind me with a .38 revolver.

I turned towards the man who held his gun waist high aiming towards me. I felt a massive a mount of power surge through my body and soon the man began shooting me in the chest. At first I felt nothing, then I felt the urge to calapse, but I quickly recovered as I realized that I have great powers within me. I gently place the kid I was carrying on the ground and the child immediately grabbed around my leg for protection.

I realized that I am a character from one my Sitonan stories. The man with the gun stared at me in fear as I channeled my powers. Flames started wrapping around my arms and moved towards my hands. I can hear the Lord of the Rings music in the background - the same song I played for the EmodTrailer resently launched.

The fire gathered into a ball held in my hands then pummeled into my advasery, burning a hole into his chest. I felt a great amount of pride as the man with the gun fell before my powers and I awoken with a smile.
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Re: I rescued children
« Reply #1 on: 2006-07-07, 02:20:17 »

Nice dream, I keep wondering why I can't remember any of mine.
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