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Author Topic: Age of Redemption 2017 Update  (Read 1665 times)


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Age of Redemption 2017 Update
« on: 2017-07-28, 13:16:58 »

Development has been slow, leading to long off periods, but it is still in development and may likely be launched this year.

Here is run down of what has actually been done thus far with Age of Redemption 2017:

Version 1.0 2017


-Fixed an issue with firearms that caused sound and muzzle flash effects to not show or be heard properly.
-Fixed a bug that causes ammo to be lost if a player uses the ammo while a viable weapon is in inventory, but not equipped.
-Combat stats will be hidden during cutscenes.
-Fixed an issue with the respawn system randomly failing due to AI protocols.
-The [Vanilla] Discipline Functions option in the AoR config app now restores many more disciplines back to their vanilla functions & visuals.
   [Some discipline descriptions have been updated - also fixed typoes]
-Bosses can no longer be bloodbound.
-Eyes of the Beast illumination now fixed for AoR 5 minute duration.
-Fixed potential issue where the show combat messages might still show even when turned off in the config app.


-Daggers can now apply critical bonuses if target is unaware[distracted], under negative mental effects, or attacker is using obfuscate powers.
-Christof no longer starts with 1000 gold with [Vanilla] Quests Format enabled. Also achieved using Vanilla difficulty preset in config app.
-New console command added - stcmd sethumanity # [where # is the desired stat; typical range 0 - 100]. Built to work in the single player mode.
-All scrolls now cast at level 5. Originally set to 2.
-NPC item drop chance can now be set in the config app [under enemy tab]. Check readme for details.
-[Vanilla] Shop Inventory feature has been enabled in the config app to allow purist restoration of vanilla shops. Check readme for details.
-Several quick use weapons like daggers, grenades, and rare artifacts [e.g. Waxen Poetica] have been altered for enhanced damage and effect.
   [Note: additional quick use items may be regularly available at shops if [Vanilla] Shop Inventory is turned OFF]


AoR 2017 v1.0 is not compatible with AoR 2015 v1.3 or below saves. You'll need to start a fresh game.
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