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A city above, a city below


Been awhile since I had a vivid dream or at least one coherent enough to explain.

I was on some massive city sized space station or perhaps something orbiting a planet. Like most sci-fi dreams I have, the designs are hard to make out. Contextually, there seemed to be a segregation in the design between a deprecated ghetto below a semi-derelict mass of structures towering over it. There is obviously some sort of conflict occurring on this station between what seems to be a monster infested ghetto with rusted out abandoned structures and a population living on barely functioning towers above it. Above population can get around through various bridges interconnecting the towers.

It seemed possible, though barely, for people to survive amidst the monsters that stir around the derelict structures and alleys of the lower ghettos. Many of these survivors hide in reinforced shelters, some of which can connect to the top tower districts. But the residents above control who is allowed to be risen out of the monster infested ghettos.

Often people will be cast down into the ghettos. Not cast down out of punishment or torture, but to test the "hidden potential" of the people. I was one of those people who was cast down to the ghettos. I played a cat and mouse game by avoiding monsters as I edged through abandoned structures till it became too much for me. At a time when I was surrounded on the streets out in the open, a power grew within me to take flight. Thus I flew, but my strength in flight was limited so I soon felt myself about to fall. As I lost upward momentum, someone from a tower above threw a line down to me so I grabbed it. The dream became blurring for a time, but I believe I was rescued.

Later, the dream took place where the role was switched. Now I am the one sending another to be cast down to the ghettos. She was strapped to ledge about to be descended. Fearful, she wept, but I assured her that she is not being sent out of punishment or torture, but to unlock her "hidden potential." Thus I dropped her and woke up.


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