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Author Topic: Was I Possessed? Was I a ghost?  (Read 3210 times)


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Was I Possessed? Was I a ghost?
« on: 2016-07-16, 12:11:20 »

Been awhile since my last dream journal. Figured I'd write this one down while there's still memory left in it.

I usually have dreams of familiar neighborhoods of rural Washington. These days those dreams are quite garbled with scattered memories. I find myself in familiar places, yet am always unsure of where to go or how to get there. Often times I'll attempt to figure out the local bus routes. I'll either be heading over to the downtown district where the cozy little corner shops drape the streets. I would also be going to a school in the rural area. Usually the property of the school is quite large yet I can't tell whether the school is a college or garbled memories of grade schools. In my life, I've been through many schools up and down the Puget Sound. Each time I dream of a school, is always a different building with a unique interior. I always find myself fascinated by the architecture I dream about. The buildings never quite look like anything specific from memory. I always feel like I'm at someplace new, yet somehow familiar.

Anyway, I can't quite remember what bus I was trying to take and for what purpose. What truly caught my attention about this dream is its ending. I don't have dreams like this often and when I do they leave a strange surge or aura in my head. I was at a trailer park. I can't really tell whether I lived there or was visiting. When night came, all became dark inside the trailer as if there was a power outage. Yet the LED lights from the stereo system [or systems] were still on. I was with someone [a gal?] as we seem to be trying to turn off everything [or turn it back on]. This was when things got strange as I could have swore I kept hearing music from the stereo systems. The music was rather ambient, like a slow start to something more intense. We were in the living room and it appeared that the room had stereo systems on both sides. Heck, it seemed like the stereo systems covered at least 3 corners of the living room. My only lighting was from the flashlights waving around in the living room. We were going around fiddling with dials as I was trying to find the source of the music. All the while I was calm and didn't really think much of this.

This is when I started to feel something gnawing at the back of my head. I couldn't tell what the other person was saying, but I started approaching her as I covered my ears. Then I realized that the music was coming from my own head. My ears vibrated like speakers as I put my hands on them. The feeling that gnawed at me worsened as the music got louder and more intense. The music went from an ambient sound to a fast paced heavy metal beat with techno mixed in. I felt something was behind me as I approached the gal who was in the living room with me. She turned to look at me then went into an expression of fear and panic. I then said, "That music, it's coming from inside me." I was but 3 feet from her. She was cornered between stereo systems with her fearful expression. She shouted something at me. I couldn't tell if she was trying to warn me of something. I suspect there was in fact something behind me. The flashlights began to strobe. I would not turn around to look behind me. I was fixated on approaching her as my hands still covered by ears. The vibration was strong and I can feel something energy-based feeling into the back of my head. I felt my mind slipping as I continued to approach her, [as I was compelled uncontrollably to approach her] closing that 3 foot gap... now 2 feet... now 1 foot... mere inches now...

I know not what I did to her [whether I did anything at all]. Everything went black and only the immense feeling of fear now surged through my mind as if to possess me. I awoke feeling this surge still resonant within the back of my head. The music was gone.

I've had dreams where I was a ghost in the past. Scarring someone else, but having the fear bounce back to me in realization. I couldn't be sure what I was in this dream. Thinking deeply about it, I could have just as well been the thing she feared. But then what was the feeling behind me? The gnawing at the back of my head? Was it me or was it something behind me?

This dream leaves me with a subjective ending. Possibly the first time I've had a subjective ending in a long time.
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