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Author Topic: How remove characters's hands in the videos?  (Read 6392 times)


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How remove characters's hands in the videos?
« on: 2015-12-06, 00:12:07 »


I'm creating a beautiful mod with better textures and skins but there is a problem with the characters's hands. I need to remove them in the video sequences (when there is zoom on characters speaking for exemple).

There is no problem to delete hands in game (the command "hands off" is useful), but this command doesn't work for video sequences. So, there is a problem because the horrible hands of vanilla game are visible with the hands of new skins  :(

Easy or not to remove them?  ;)


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Re: How remove characters's hands in the videos?
« Reply #1 on: 2015-12-06, 07:00:29 »

Might be a quick fix to have your recursive timer detect the convo start flag then do a weapon override. This could remove the hands. I know there's some conversations that don't use the hands so you might want to look into specific scripts pertaining to that.
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