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Changing team with ShapeShift discipline



In my mod, Cappadocians have new disciplines, and one of them is "Masque de la mort" which transform the vampire in a corpseminion (new template corpseminion_cappa)

The new discipline works well but there is still one thing I must improve to finish correctly this discipline. When the Cappadocian become a corpse minion, ennemies can not recognize it like a player, and they don't attack it, never... This is not good for me, I want ennemies attack the corpseminion like if it was a player.

So, I used this new child template to try to resolve this:

I changed the tagID actor_team to Player 0 for the corpseminion_cappa but this not seems works:

In game, ennemies not attack even if corpseminion attacks!

What's the goods tags I must altered to create a corpseminion identified like a player?


The problem is not with the template. The issue is with the script. Specifically the type effect the script is using. Check the effect's type flags to see if it is not a [team friendly] type effect. Also make sure there is no [SetActorTeam] command in the script.

 Thanks, the problem has been resolved by modifying the script. Now, ennemies  can recognize  the corpseminion shape like a player  8)


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