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Making changes in Global.not template without crash?


Hello Javokis,

I have a problem with the Global.NOT template.
If I make modifications in this template, the game always CTD. I already done modifications on the others templates (darkages.not/modernDay.not) without have any problems. But when I touch Global.not even with minor change, bug coming.

If I remember, you have written somewhere that we must open many templates (Global.not/Darkages/Modernay/multiplayer) in the same edition of template editor, that's true?

What's the correct order to open theses files before making modifications? Can I still mod the Global.not if I already changes the others before?


Do not make major changes to the Global.not file. The system relies on Global.not's structure to function - much of it is hard coded. NEVER DELETE ANY TEMPLATES. NEVER. Not any. Especially from global. Never rename the template name [but you can rename the DESC ID TAG of individual templates]. Never move around any of the parent template structures nor alter the parents of the dependent not files [darkages, modernday, and multiplayer].

Aside from that, you are allowed to alter most tags within individual templates [like stats, model, desc id, script, ect]. You can also add templates to Global.not. Also note that much of the scene data relies on templates to exist to function so deleting any template from any of the main not files will cause major instability and crashes - same with renaming the templates. Also note that desc id tags are ansii tags and will glitch out if you use non-english characters within them. For non-english characters you must use the STRING value data of the DESC ID TAG for translations to other languages.

Yeaaah! Finally, it's working for the first time modding the Global.Not template!  :D

My error was that I opened the 4 main templates (G.N, DA.N,Mod.N, Multi.N), next, I altered tags of a template , then I saved the Global.Not with my modifications... and game always crah!
I needed to save the 3 others main templates that I've not modified too! 

Saving the 4 main templates in the template editor after alter the Global.Not, and this time working correctly  8)

Javokis you are my god for this game, really  ;D


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