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I have created special shurikens that Assamites can 'poisoned' with a desease.
So, I created this new template of special shurikens which have Classinfectious script activated and desease damages.

But strangely, when I test this new weapon in campaign, the game doesn't use my tags for weapon_damages1 and samething for the script infectious which seems not be read... The game still use the vanilla damages of 'normal' shurikens!

I don't know where is the problem: I managed to create special poisoned arrows (desease and script infectious) before that without this bug..

Perhaps there is an other template to modify for shurikens? :o

Yes, and it will require a unique form of script to work with the projectile. AoR used an overhaul of the damage system to actually make Quietus work. It's no simple feet. Fastest way to achieve the desired effect is to look at the way AoR altered damage and overhauled projectiles through its scripts. AoR scripts are available for download in the Modding Tutorials section as the NodSDKProjects workbench for eclipse use. Permission is already given to anyway who wants to make their own mod around that workbench.

Ok I will think about this (but I don't use AoR mod).

It's strange because I had no problem to create new special bow with arrows of disease which do correct damages but it doesn't work with shurikens :(

Never said you had to use the mod; you can check its scripts out as they are open source and will give you a very deep idea of some aspects of what you are attempting to do. You can take what you want from it and leave the rest, but much of what you're doing has been done.

The disease damage would be in the projectile's template, but you said you wanted Classinfectious to work with it. That's just not possible because projectiles require a different [more complex] set of algorithms to make a script work for them. You have to script the projectile, not the weapon, but that tends to get more complex especially attempting to apply an effect from a projectile's impact. You'll need to consider some balanced rules otherwise it's pure cheating anyway. Like does the target get diseased even if he is wearing armor that protects from the shuriken? How bout a stamina roll for added resistance? What about the attacker's skills and whether they should spend blood points to make the shuriken poisonous? These are deep logic questions that can be answered by looking at more complex mods like AoR.

If I can add the script ClassInfectious to work with the shuriken damages it will be great but it's not very important.
I was just surprised that changing statistic of damages was not working with this weapon  :o
 For the moment, to resolve the problem and to be in mesure to use correctly Baal's Caress discipline for Assamite, I've chosen to use a new bow template (using special arrows like I said before).

I just find fine the shurikens for Assamite ^^
My first idea was to used shurikens with desease to be able to attack at distance using weapons with ClassInfectious for the last level of Baal's caress discipline.
The others levels of the discipline are using different special meleeweapons with desease too  8)

Conclusion: I think I will keep the little bow for the level 5 of Baal's Caress. I tested the weapon which works correctly, and the script ClassInfections seems to work too with the special arrows. The magic bow has 10 arrows for each use of the discipline  ;)


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