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How modify conditions for feed discipline?


Hello  :)

I want modify the system calculation for feed discipline.
In vanilla, if I have well learned, the probability to catch and "drink" an ennemy is based on the stat "Wits" and on the discipline "Feed" too.

In my mod, I hope change this to base probability calculations to feed, on the stat "Force" and with discipline Feed, that's seems more logical.
So I have opened the with Eclipse, but there is not the system of calculation of power success that we can find in others disciplines.

An other java script that I don't see can do this?

Unfortunately, the Feed command is only initiated through java, but not calculated by it. You'll need to make your own feed discipline from scratch like what was made in Wodal. You can take the Wodal script for feed, but that's quite complex as Wodal uses a custom effect script rather than directly scripting the discipline. Not to mention that the discipline is programmed in Wodal too. [That's a different language]

So I will keep the vanilla system for this discipline (I don'use Wodal mod for my own modification). That's not so important but I thought it was a simple rule of calculating to add in  ;D



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