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Script for new discipline rewards after finish quest?

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I'm looking for the script to make new dicipline rewards when quests are finished. I want change the vanilla rewards because the character's clan are different. Where can I find with script please?   ;)

Javokis:, int)

Thanks for the command :)

I thought that the files to modify for quest rewards was in files "quests" or in ""  but it's seems to not be good... :o
Where is hidden this file?

Disciplines are given through scripts only. Quest completions are also handled by the scripts. 90% of the quest's functions are done through java programming. The other 10% are for STRING_ID files and INDEX files. Usually meant for end-user translations. Additional EXP rewards do tend to be processed by nqd files located in the Resources.nob>quests folder. But again, these files are called upon directly from the scripts so you'll be spending most of your time browsing the Codex>SP .java source files for this venture [which are only available if you installed the NOD SDK package].

On example java script would be so try browsing through that code to figure out where it gives Christof his Brujah disciplines upon his embrace...

Yeah really interesting, exactly what i need!

So I'll import the java files in Codex/SP  to Eclipse, and after this, I think I could modify the rewards easily (like I added/modified so many new disciplines)   ;)

redemption has really no secrets for you  8)



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