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Hey Javokis, I'm a new member i tried to add you a few times on steam.


I've been having a look at VTMR java implementation. I understand that java doesn't do multiple class extensions like C++ i've had a go myself with extensions, packages etc, but it seems a bit hackey for me. How do you extend the Discipline file in terms of duration etc. Sorry i tried to add you on steam for a more private discussion. And then the active VTMR STs sent me here.

Alll the best, (AoR is awesome by the way)

Andy R

Here's what you need to do to get your new discipline to use a special duration variable. You create a new class like so:

--- Code: ---
public class HorrorDisciplines extends Discipline

protected static final int[] PROJECT_DURATIONS = {  5000,   10000,  15000,  20000, 25000 };


--- End code ---

Then you alter you discipline's class like so:

--- Code: ---public class HorrorProject extends HorrorDisciplines

--- End code ---

Then you apply the new variable to the effect that's being added.
That's it. That's all there is to it. The rest of the code should work fine.


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