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Author Topic: Creatinng Shapeshifting disciplines ?  (Read 8306 times)


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Re: Creatinng Shapeshifting disciplines ?
« Reply #15 on: 2014-02-07, 12:50:50 »

Vectors were not my answer to random... not even close. I was talking about Java in general and how little you know of it. And how much you'll need it if you wish to proceed further. The second quote was my answer and it appears to have went over your head. I'm not going to hold your hand while making your mod for you. I pointed you to an event in the Java API. An event that was used in the shapeshift effect, which I also needed to program for you, but it appears you couldn't connect the dots. You need to have more programming logic than this if you're going to step into this realm of mod making. This isn't papyrus for Skyrim... this is real programming with a real language.

I'm not here to teach people Java... that's not the lessons I teach. I teach the Nod SDK, which consists of Java. To program with the Java API, you'll need to come back here after searching the net, reading some books, or taking some classes on an endless and bountiful treasure trough of Java knowledge scattered about the Internet, the public libraries, and the schools. Java should not be a mystery to a programmer and it takes a programmer to make a real mod for Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption.
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