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I need some help :S

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Nicotine Caffeine:
Hi all. I need some help, and i hope someone has an idea on what i should do.
Let's start from the beginning: i was making a mod (that *if* i will finish i will release it) that adds various famous characters to vampire the masquerade redemption. I've already added Kain and Raziel from Legacy of Kain, D from Vampire Hunter D, and now i was try to add Jack of Blades from Fable. But with this one i have some problems. I imported the model in milkshape, cut and added to the vampire the masquerade skeleton, but when i use it in the game, it appears invisible... If you look closely you can see the profile of the model, so i guess the meshes works, but the textures are transparent..
If someone has some ideas on why is this happening..

Few of these things come to mind:

-Double check your tga files and make sure they are not completely masked by an alpha channel.
-Also check your model's faces and be sure they haven't "inverted."
-Check under the Materials setting of the model and assure that Ambient, Diffuse, Specular, and Emissive settings aren't using unsupported settings. (Redemption Materials set Specular and Emissive to "Black"; Ambient and Diffuse tend to use a slightly lighter shade on most models)

Nicotine Caffeine:
Hmm.... I tried to directly uncheck the alpha channels, nothing, and i tried with setting the emissive,specular and so on to 255 nothing. I think could be the faces inverted, but... uh.. I don't know how check that. (i'm not quite sure even on what does that mean  ;D )

Inverted faces might be tricky and I'm not fully qualified to tell you how to fix a model that did that. There's an easier way to solve the problem without having to fix the model. You can create a NAM file for your texture that has the "twosided" property in it (Check out Dark Age Christof's material nam files for an example.)

Also make sure you didn't typo anything in your template... this could easily be a typo of the MODEL tag in the template properties.

Nicotine Caffeine:
Nothing. It doesn't want to work in anyway. At this point can i put the model here or send to you so you can maybe tell me where is the problem? Becouse i don't really get it


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