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Author Topic: First time using AoR and I've got some questions  (Read 2866 times)


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First time using AoR and I've got some questions
« on: 2014-08-03, 06:30:29 »

Hi, I just installed the AoR mod to play coop with my boyfriend and we have some questions about it.
We have the GoG version, the AoR mod, the White Rabbit pack downloaded from this site and we are connected to Tunngle.

- Can we play with any characters? Without any of us being Christof? Or does one of us HAVE TO be Christof?
- When we choose a model in the character creation screen, the portrait changes to another NPC. For example, I choose "Virstania" and the portrait changes to Lily.
- I was playing with Christof and my boyfriend with a vampire, but his character wouldn't get hurt by the sun (we are in the beginning of the game)
- When I talk to the NPCs I can see the 'in-game cinematic' with my character talking to the NPC, but my boyfriend doesn't. He just reads the dialogue and he can't hear the voice sound, and he can walk in the scene. Is this normal?
- If we play with human characters, what will happen to us in the Prague Night mission when Christof gets converted to vampire? Do we have to re-do our characters?
- I'm not sure if I've installed correctly the White Rabbit pack. There is just a file named Rabbit.nob, and I placed it in the AoR folder. The readme says something about a, which I can't see in the pack.

Thank you!


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Re: First time using AoR and I've got some questions
« Reply #1 on: 2014-08-03, 14:13:11 »

-No you do not have to play as Christof. Mort and I even played as Vukodlak & Ahzra when we tested coop.
-The portraits in White Rabbit use original player defaults because no custom portraits exist for the npcs available. The portraits would have to be made and that's a ton of work that the original author didn't have time or skills for.
-The beginning part of the game has no sun damage regions. That's true in vanilla too.
-The way the cinematic works is normal.
-In the config app you can turn off the MP feature that sets a player to vampire or human during those sequences. It's off by default if I recall right.
-You installed the White Rabbit correctly - all that is needed is the Rabbit.nob file.
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