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Author Topic: Maqqabah the golem  (Read 2592 times)


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Maqqabah the golem
« on: 2014-07-05, 19:17:22 »

Does this latest version of AOR mod make this guy tougher? he seem tougher then in vanilla or older AOR mods. So far i failed 2x time to beat him and i have played the older version of AOR . I stocked with at least 15 potions and  5 in belt, buffed with celerity,potence and blood strength but i cant seem to take him down. i run out of blood and can't heal, then die .even with  Wilhem i cant beat this golem . any suggestions ? any way to see the golems stats (as im fighting him) to see how much health he has left ?  Thanks :)


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Re: Maqqabah the golem
« Reply #1 on: 2014-07-05, 19:25:15 »

Typically, your enemies description will turn red as their health goes down. Normal & Lethal weapons are now fairly useless. Best to switch to aggravated based weapons or elements (fire). So grab a torch and a flaming broadsword if you can or use feral claws. All bosses got some tweaks, but in hindsight some of the stat settings are somewhat brutal. I already got some complaints about the skeleton archers, lol. I'll likely tweak the most obnoxious enemies down when I make another patch.

Oh yeah... I guess the big reason why the golem is such a pain in the ass is because I also fixed the damage rules. All monsters absorb all damage types with their stamina... that was actually more brutal in practice than I initially thought. hehe


I just launched v2.7 patch which should address some of these issues. You'll need to load a save prior to entering the North Quarter for the full stat changes to take effect.
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