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Author Topic: Customizing the 2d character portrait  (Read 4304 times)


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Customizing the 2d character portrait
« on: 2014-06-28, 03:04:46 »

I've been using my own images for the VtmR 2d character portrait to make it a bit more personal, so here's a little tutorial for anyone who wants to try it out. Feel free to point out any errors/improvements.

Customizing the 2D character portrait for
Vampire: the Masquerade – Redemption

This tutorial will teach you how to use your own images for the 2d character portrait in VtmR.

You need to know how to make nob-files and some experience with the NOT-editor. Tutorials about this can be found here:


You’ll also need an image editing program able to save TGA files, Notepad(or something similar) and a file compression program, like Winzip.

If you don’t have the folders “3d” and “misc” inside your main VtmR directory, extract these from Resource.nob to the main VtmR directory.

Start off by creating a new folder in the main VtmR directory and name it to whatever you like. I’ll name mine to “MyHeadTest”. Inside this new folder create the following folders:


Open the image that you want to use as a character portrait in the image editing program of your choice. Resize the image to 128 x 128 pixels and save it to “MyHeadTest\Ui\Materials” as a TGA file. Images with a black background works best as VtmR for some reason adds a black line at the top of the 2d character portraits in-game. I want to change the portrait for Pink so I name my file to “PinkHeadTest.tga”.

Next go into the NOT-editor and open Multiplayer.not(found in “VtmR\misc\templates”). Be sure to remove the write protection on Multiplayer.not, so you can make copies of its templates. Create a new template file and in Multiplayer.not locate the character that you want to use your custom portrait on. All multiplayer characters can be found under _player_MP.

I first copy and rename “_player_MP” and move it to my new template, followed by the “MP_Pink” template. I now have the parent “_player_MP_Head” and its child “MP_Pink_Head” in my new template.

Take a look at the “ACTOR_HEADMODEL” tag of your copied player character and remember the file name, in my case “pinkH.nod”. Go into “VtmR\3d\Models” and locate this file. Make a copy and rename it so that it exactly matches the name of your TGA portrait file. So for me, I rename it to “PinkHeadTest.nod”. Move this renamed file to “MyHeadTest\3d\Models”.

Finally edit the “ACTOR_HEADMODEL” tag for your player character in the NOT-editor and write in the whole file-name of the file that you just moved. Save your new NOT-file to “MyHeadTest\misc\templates” with a name of your choice(it has to start with a “_”).

To be able to see your character when you create a new multiplayer character two additional files will be made. Open up Notepad and type in the template name of your character in the NOT-editor, in my case “MP_Pink_Head” followed by a tab or two and then the same name, but in capital letters:

MP_Pink_Head                    MP_PINK_HEAD

Save this as a .npm-file into “MyHeadTest\misc”. Create a new file in Notepad and type in the caps version of the template name above followed by the name that you want to appear in the player model list in the multiplayer character creation window.

Like this:

MP_PINK_HEAD                  Pink Head Test

Save this to “MyHeadTest\strings” as a .nls-file and with the same name as your custom NOT-file.

The contents of the folders that we created in the beginning now look like this:

File                            Location

PinkHeadTest.nod         MyHeadTest\3d\Models
CustomPortraits.npm         MyHeadTest\misc
_CustomPortraits.not         MyHeadTest\misc\templates
_CustomPortraits.nls         MyHeadTest\strings      
PinkHeadTest.tga         MyHeadTest\Ui\Materials

All that’s left now is to compress the contents of “MyHeadTest” folder into a nob-file and put it into the main VtmR directory.

When you start the game and create a new multiplayer character your new character with the custom portrait should appear in the list with available player models. While in the game, if you don’t have 2d portraits enabled, go into Options>Display>Advanced Options and uncheck the “3d UI Heads” box.

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