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Author Topic: How to Get Age of Redemption to Run in Steam  (Read 3453 times)


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How to Get Age of Redemption to Run in Steam
« on: 2013-11-10, 20:07:16 »

Here are step by step images to getting a shortcut to run the AoR mod in Steam.

First step is to make a shortcut of Vampire_aor.exe from the VTMR directory. Rename the shortcut however you like then go to Steam. Under Steam's top menu options you should find Game. Under the Game options, you should see "Add a Non-Steam Game to my Library."

Here's what you should now see:

After choosing the shortcut from the list and pressing Add Selected Program button, proceed to your Library. Under your Library, find the newly added shortcut then right-click on it. Choose Properties from the pop-up menu like so:

You should then see the following screen.

As shown on the image, you can add target lines to the shortcut. You might have to close the properties window and re-open it to make sure the properties saved correctly. If the first attempt doesn't save, the second time usually does.

Run the executable and you should be able to access the Steam community while running the game:

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