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  • 2020-08-07, 16:28:24
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Author Topic: Maps of the Ages's Howls NYC Umbra is not 'wired up' correctly  (Read 2764 times)

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On all my scouring of the internet, I've found only two "versions" of the Howls NYC Umbra map. One is a standalone, and the other is part of Maps of the Ages. They differ only in the names of things, such as their .nil files. However, both seem to have a critical flaw in that their Chronicle files refer incorrectly to their intended .nil files for the Howls Caern and Howls Caern Umbra portions of the map. In the case of the standalone Howls NYC Umbra, the .nil files for Howls Caern and Howls Caern Umbra are not present at all!

I have fixed this in my own versions of this map by manually correcting the references in the Chronicle files. And, in the case of the standalone, I also copied over the necessary .nil files and assets.

However, I still get the nagging feeling that something is missing. In the Howls NYC Umbra that I remember from way back in the day, the hotel caern was different -- it had, for example, a hidden drawer with a klaive in it, and I find neither the klaive nor the drawer in the version of Howls Caern packed in with Maps of the Ages. And I felt that the whole layout of it was different too. Can anyone help me with this?


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Interesting find. I'm sorry it took a long time to respond. I've been on planet works-a-lot. I really wasn't familiar with any other versions of the NYC Umbra. I added the Caern in as a "Haven Portal" during MoTA development, if I recall right. It's been awhile. I do recall that there were MANY chronicles that didn't quite "add up." Much was lost even during MoTA's development back in 2006. I couldn't even find the old town hub of New Orleans By Night (only the new "optimized" version.) I also could no longer find several source map files for maps like Celtic Realm and other classics that I can't recall at the moment. I even had to create certain templates to get some maps to load right because they were referring to objects that had no current information. Lot's of orange fog during MoTA's making; Lots of lost history.

I am considering adding more maps to the project as I hear more content was recently uploaded to
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