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Author Topic: Jason Jindrax Edits  (Read 2474 times)


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Jason Jindrax Edits
« on: 2013-02-25, 13:39:31 »

Since learning Milkshit, I have worked on creating several new outfit upgrades for my Jason Jindrax character that has been in existance since 2001.  Using the default Jason as a base, I did texture work to match the skintone of pink's arms to Jason's head (finally).  I also made a boxers upgrade, using Father Leopold's legs, scaling the wireframes to fit, and changing the textures to match the body of the Jason Skin.  I removed his sunglasses and turned them into an equipable item to use in games, as well as making a sitting item which has jason "sit" when equiping it.
Numerous other edits were made.  One of which, fixing a major issue with the legs of the skin, which I discovered had part of the wireframe chipped out of it completely.  (Jason had no crotch!  I couldn't see it because the pants were solid black.)

In the end, 12 new upgrades were created (mostly different outfit colors) along with learning a lot of new stuff I hadn't known before.  I am quite proud of myself for how far i've come in a short amount of time working with skins. 

Thank you cl0wn for the pants textures.  All credit for them goes to you.

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