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Author Topic: Modding E-Mod?  (Read 3159 times)

From the Ashes

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Modding E-Mod?
« on: 2012-10-20, 13:08:32 »

What is the level of difficulty involved in doing one of the following in e-mod?

Renaming e-mod powers and using new power tray icons for them (not modifying the actual powers themselves)

Remind me does E-mod allow you to teach or give a character any powers or just those of their clan/creature type?

If that flexability does not exist how hard would it be to either create an umbrella clan for homeless superheroes which includes the existing powers that look right or a bunch of sub clans to represent our existing groups?

Again I am not looking to create new powers of any kind at this point...I don't have the skill and with one month to pull this off there is not time

Any help is greatly appreciated


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Re: Modding E-Mod?
« Reply #1 on: 2012-10-21, 21:25:29 »

Renaming disciplines is easy. Just go into the Emod[system].nob with 7-zip extract strings>_emod.nls. Open the nls with notepad and you can edit the names there. As for the icons, the tga formats needs to be a specific size and have alpha channels so you'll actually need to follow the tutorials on creating disciplines to know what needs to be done there. Specifically, you can follow part 2 of the tutorial link below, which covers icons, tga formats, sizes, and where to check for icon assigned to a discipline:

Clans can be renamed in the _emod.nls file... they can also be edited in the game.ncd file located in Emod[system].nob>misc folder.
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