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Hello from the advance scout of a desperate community


From the Ashes:
I come to you today begging for an enormous favor....I used to play VtM redemption regularly and know what E-mod and this community in general can and has done.  Unfortunately by the time I had online access a lot of the redemption community had dried up so I didn't have many people to play online with.  I played the original game, the early generation of E-mod and some of the other mods and was astounded with what could be done.

 My modding skills are modest and *very* rusty, (mostly script stuff) and they never included artwork.  In one months time an entire community that is very, very special and important to me is about to lose its virtual home.  We have 8 years of player created content, rp, missions and characters.  For our devlopers and players this is a labor of love that should not be dying.  The parent company is destroying us for no reason and with almost zero warning...there are groups willing to buy the rights but they won't even negotiate....if we have to we are litterally building our own spiritual successor(it will take several years)...meanwhile we need a lifeboat.  A little place on the net that "feels" like our home.  We have screenshots and videos to provide a template and some people who are far more skilled then I but you know NOD, Embrace, etc. we still have to learn it...or in my case re-learn.  I can hand populate and decorate maps and once we have a starting point however many of our thousands who come over here can take over...just please help me get started.

What I need is a functioning map (at least one) and a basic asset pack for us to use stat.  Tell me what you need and I will get it to you. 

Also if you are so inclined there is a petition with over 20 thousand signatures, a forum, and a lot of videos to watch.  I can point you to specific videos that show parts of our world and go through existing redemption maps side by side with you for adaptation purposes.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for anything you can do to help....we will NOT be sent to the abyss.  And having my two favorite communities put together is a beautiful thing <sad smile>

Phantom of the Vamp:
Unfortunately I've failed most my modding attempts.  There's a lot of info Javokis has put on this site which will probably make more sense to someone that's done this stuff before. 

If your looking for Map inspiration check out (https://e-mods.net/modules/mota/).  :)


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