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Author Topic: Anyone looking to Co-op - GAME DOWNLOAD INSIDE  (Read 3549 times)


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Anyone looking to Co-op - GAME DOWNLOAD INSIDE
« on: 2012-02-29, 19:21:37 »

Anyone looking to co-op on some AOR? its my first time co-op on it.

(well ive co-op some with only 1 other partner, got thru a few missions but thats it.)

I have a rapidshare download, its 1 link only and its the edition, will only give it to someone who messages me for the link. It is not public, but is purchased by me, just uploaded so we can get some new players, and so i can actually beat this game once. I dont like playing single player with AI :)

I will be using TUNNGLE, becuase i could not get hamachi to work with this game, and hamachi sucks anyway. Tunngle is easier and has more then a 16 player limit. (255 limit)

msg AND reply to join me :) need 3 players!

Keep in mind, We WILL Start from the beginning of the campaign, we WILL use new characters, we WILL not use cheats. (ive never actually beaten the game and id like to, legit) If u are being a idiot and not sharing little things u REALLY dont need, or not listening/trolling/cheating, you will be kicked from the server.


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Re: Anyone looking to Co-op - GAME DOWNLOAD INSIDE
« Reply #1 on: 2012-03-05, 16:37:49 »

I'm hoping to get myself up and running again next month. I really want to get a notebook pc. Shouldn't take much to run VTMR these days. I'll likely have to purchase the game on since my physical copy is not available to me and don't know when it will be available to me.
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