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Author Topic: A Large Tree in an Industry  (Read 2664 times)


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A Large Tree in an Industry
« on: 2006-10-06, 08:54:45 »

I had another dream. This time it was much longer. The dream played out like a video game at first then ended with reality.

At the start of the dream I found myself at a large industrial complex. There were large walls everywhere and walkways surrounded by fences. The industrial complex was like a castle with smoke stacks. There was a yellow fog in the air that reminded me of Redemption when you played a level that had bad template data. I think I was a rebel who infiltrated this industry along with several others.

There was a large tree surrounded by brick walls. The tree was very tall and spanned above the industry. I and other members of my team decided to climb up the tree because it had very thick pine branches which could make for good cover. I was new to what ever operation was going on at this industry, but it appeared that they were there to take over the place. I spent only a small amount of time around the large tree and recall that they made some kind of camoflouged tree house around the mid height of the tree.

That's when I was directed to move on through more sections of the industry. I walked through several walkways till I encountered another unit that appears to have taken over the Industry's subway system. Yeah. The place was that big. I discovered that I could leave this whole area through the subway, which oddly enough, was operated by zombies who are now on our side. Ok so we were going up against an industry filled with zombies? I don't know. Moving on...

So this is the part where my girlfriend comes in. I remember seeing strange things in the subway like the subway train coming out of a wall like magic then turning into a carriage with horses. I then looked through the glasses of a bank of the carriage going down the road as my environment altered to a more realistic setting. I looked around and I was no longer at the industry. I was now at a bank and my girlfriend was talking to a clerk at the counter.

I was standing right behind her as she spoke to a black guy about something bank related, possibly a new account. I couldn't make out everything she was saying, but something eventually came out of her mouth sounding like a racist insult. The clerk became very offended and appeared to be angered at both of us. All I could do is stand there imbarressed at what she said and ask whether the clerk was ok. The clerk and everyone else became pissed off at me as if everything I say is an insult. Something strange happened at that very moment. A crow or a raven comes out of nowhere then flies right at my face, but changes course to barely miss me.

I asked for the manager and one of the clerks points to a lady dressed as a clown sitting at a desk right behind the counter. She looks at me and tells me to piss off. All of the clerks just start at me like I'm a bad guy and that's when I woke up.
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