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Author Topic: Torture: Spirits Within  (Read 2470 times)


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Torture: Spirits Within
« on: 2006-06-10, 10:45:53 »

It was kind of a nightmare, but not really scary though I think it ended badly for me. I had several dreams though, but that was the last one that really came out vivid. It was about evil spirits or something. Rather weird. Trying to piece it together.

It started out as some exploration of a underground temple I think. The colors and patterns were vivid and strange, but the reasons for it all were rather displaced. There was evil spirits of some kind in there. Not sure exactly, but it was causing strange things to happen. I was with a few men in the dream. Not sure who they were or remember what they looked like, but they all died leaving only me behind.

Well there was one part I remember vividly...

It was when some strange green and blue flames were starting to come out of the ground (they looked like vamp particle effects). One of the men on my team (before they all died) was trying to light a candle above a tombstone, which is believed to repel the spirits if lit. We couldn't get near it though because the flames were protecting the stone, baring use from nearing the candle upon it. Oddly enough the man I ordered to light the candle had a flame torch. Now that I think of it that part was kind of funny.

He fired the torch flame at the candle and it lit, but then it quickly went back out. We were like, 'What the hell?' I told him to fire again, but the torch stopped working. All the sudden the ground beneath us started going down like a platform on tracks.

It went down into some kind of tunneling filled with lava. All my men died from incineration, but I wasn't affected. The lava looked strange; like something out of doom. I could sort of see through it. I could even swim through so I did. Then I swam up to a flat piece of ground above the lava flow. It was a whole other section of the temple.

There was a large structure that was embedded into the tunneling. On one side and some pillars with more structures on the other. It is hard to describe thoroughly. They came in kind of hazy after that; must have been the lava flow.

Well I decided to walk towards the pillars on the other side where I found something odd. It was as if a modern home was buried underneath the tunnel. Parts of its rooms where layered into the tunnel beyond the pillars. I went to check them out to see what was inside.

I opened one door and found that it was a computer room. When I walked in the transparent surge protected that was hung up in plain sight against the wall opposite of the door began to surge out. The monitor was showing strange lines and patterns.

I could hear my thoughts saying that evil spirits have taking over this room so I left before things got bad. When I went to the next room another member of my expedition met me. He joined me to investigate the last room, which was near the end of my dream and the start of the nightmare...

There was an in/out closet before the room. Both doors had to be opened. When we went through the closet door leading into the room we found ourselves in what looks like a bedroom with tv. The only lighting (and this I remember vividly) was coming from the window that illuminated an ominous gloom of night blue. The bed was against the entrance door wall going out wards. The entrance door was on the corner of the bedroom, which was a standard square shaped room. Along side the entrance door wall was another closet with multiple doors. The tv was taking up the opposite corner of the wall from the entrance.

I probably should draw a sketch of it, well that's not important right now...

The part that got freaking was what was on the tv. My friend and I were looking at what appeared to be a tv showing what a camera in the room was showing. It was showing something weird. It didn't make sense. It was showing something in real time. Not a pre-recording, but it was recording. There was no camera around.

There was a puppet being shown on the tv. It looked creepy. We got scared and ran out of the room. Now here\'s what got weird got even scarier.

My colleague was right behind me in the in/out closet room when I ran out of the exit on the other side the door suddenly shuts for an instance baring my friend on the other side. When it opened again he was gone. I felt I had to see what happened so I went back.

I couldn't find him anywhere. I looked in the in/out closet and decided to check the bedroom. I went up to the tv. The puppet being shown started to animate and speak. It said 'You're next'. At this time I realized I was ARMED. I had an M4M209 assault rifle and started shooting.

Suddenly one of the doors to the closet opposite the room came opened and something jumped out. I couldn't see it because it was behind the bed. It was small and was running around the bed to COME AT ME. I used the grenade launcher part of the rifle on it at close range and that's when I woke up. I must have killed myself trying to take it out. I couldn't quite make it out, but I think it was the puppet on the tv.
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