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E-Mod 1.8 Readme

The Endeavor Modification 1.8

Quick Summary

The Endeavor Mod is based on the GURPS: Magic world. Emod includes a large amount of various spells divided by 'colleges' containing wonderous powers, emod actions allow for a psuedo gmod style development by allowing control over animation triggers (see Planet Vampire YouTube Channel), the ability to target enemy locations like the head, legs, or vitals among others, new console commands for storytellers to modify their chronicles, and more...

For more info, read below.


Learn all about E-Mod 1.8 ahead of time by looking at the Readme that is planned to be included with 1.8. This will tell you all about the spells that we have made so far including how they work and the rules behind their use. This also talks about the other aspects of E-Mod 1.8 so read on.

Clans of E-Mod 1.8

There are now 34 clans to choose from on the list. They are all new and have various characteristics that set them apart from the rest. The below link contains stat data about each "clans" characteristics.

The Abilities, Spells, and Disciplines

This will explain each group and their abilities, spells, and disciplines in detail.

Spell Casting Rules

All spell type disciplines (which dominate E-Mod sense it's based on GURPS Magic) require good intelligence levels. It's recommended to have at least an intelligence of 14+ to be able to cast spells well. Otherwise your character will have trouble even recalling the spell.

Spell Casting Costs

The cost to cast spells depends on what character type is trying to cast them. The costs that are stated in the above groups are assumed to be in mana costs for humans. That cost is double in the cost of blood for non-humans. You can still cast spells if you run out of mana or blood, but the costs will consume your hit points instead. So that can be quite dangerous for seriously powerful spells. NOTE: These costs are all greatly adjusted based on what clan you are playing as. Check the Clan GP Stats for information on each clan.

Mana & Blood (Human & Vampire)

For humans the amount of mana is formulated like so: (Strength + Intelligence) x 5. The highest potential mana pool is 1000. For vampires blood is calculated based on generation. The lower their generation the more blood they shall receive. NOTE: E-Mod only supports generations between 0 - 13. Any other level will not be calculated. The chart below shows the different levels of generation and their blood pools.

Vampire Generations Chart
Generation Blood-Pool Frenzy Rate Estimate Age
**This is not a legitimate generation *Age is void at this level
NOTE: The age is merely an estimate to when the generation may have first appeared.

Generation for Vampires

A generation determines how refined the vampire's blood really is. The lower the generation the more ancient and refined the blood is. Sense Redemption has no sense of real time or aging for a character, I'm sure you're wonder how you can increase your generation. There's actually several ways to achieve ancient generation stats. The most common and easiest way without cheating is through diableries. When you drain an older vampire (One who has a lower generation than yours) of all of their blood, your generation lowers 1 level and you acquire all the knowledge that vampire has. Check the Kindred disciplines section for more information.


When a vampire is under stress there is a chance that you can loose control of them. If their blood is low, that chance increases. This all factors into the vampire's Frenzy Rate. The higher it is, the greater the chances they will loose control and the harder it becomes to regain that control. When a vampire enters frenzy they will attack all who are around them until their frenzy subsides. Wits plays a huge role in the duration of this frenzy state. With a low wits stat and a high frenzy rate combined with very low blood the chances of recovering from frenzy are slim to none. Keep your blood up and spend on wits as often as you can to prevent this from happening. NOTE: Frenzy Rate is also adjusted by the clan you chose.


ST (Story-Teller) Command (Multiplayer only)

To use console you need to spawn the ST (Story-Teller) Head. Then press the ~ key on your keyboard then type stcmd helpme. St Command will then guide you through the command list and tell you how to use them.

Hit Points

Hit points vary widely based on character type and clan. This is the standard formula ((Stamina x Multiple) x Clan Factor)):

Character Type Hit Point Adjustments
Character Type Hit Point Multiple
+ x10
+ x5
* These are special character types that aren't really types. They are characteristics.


The human's greatest advantage. Over time mana self replenishes. In Emod this process has been accelerated to 1 point every second. This makes humans easier to upkeep than vampires.

Knock Back

Based on the amount of hit points and damage you sustain will depend on whether an attack knocks you back. The less your hit points and the more the damage the further you will be knocked back. You can also end up taking additional damage if you fell from a platform by being knocked back. The amount of damage you take will depend on your strength and the distance you fell.


Both humans and vampires have regenerative capabilities over time at the cost of either blood (non-humans) or mana (humans). The regeneration rate is 20 per second for non-humans and 20 per 4 seconds for humans. This is modified by clan. Check clan info above. For vampires if their blood runs they will not be able to regenerate. This option can be turned off. Check Configurable below.


If a Vampire loses all of their blood they will begin to loose control. This was something I felt should have been added to wod. The rate of which they frenzy is based on their generation and clan characteristics. Check clan info section for more info. NOTE: Clans that have -100% frenzy rate do not frenzy if their blood drops to 0. So for others keep your blood up. If regeneration is shut off through the config file this will be shut off as well.

Staking Vampires

In the World of Darkness vampires are susceptible to sharp oak wood that when pierced into their heart will paralyze them. To stake a vampire you need to equip a stake and target their Vitals using E-Mod's targeting system. On a successful hit that penetrates armor the vampire will be staked until an ally arrives to remove the object, otherwise the vampire will remain staked indefinitely. Check the E-Mod Actions section for more information about Targeting. NOTE: Arrows and Bolts are always made out of oak.

Self Revive

Self revive now has an off and on switch for RP gaming. By default Self Revive is off. What this does is when a player is killed they will transfer into a ghost like being that no one can see. The player will be able to walk around but not speak, cast spells, or click on anything. When Self Revive is activated it goes back to the default setting and allows players to choose the Revive option on the escape menu screen when they die.

Torpor for Vampires

The only way a vampire can be killed in E-Mod is by Fire, Holy, or Sun damage. They can also be given final death by a massive killing blow to the head (Considered decapitation, but without the look). Otherwise a vampire will go into a torpor. In E-Mod a vampire can awaken them self from torpor if both their blood and health are replenished to full. During torpor your natural regeneration will continue to restore health at the cost of blood. If you have Vitae in your inventory use that to restore blood to full once your health is up to full and you'll awaken. If not then a fellow player must bestow their blood to you using Bestow Vitae. (Check Kindred for more information about this ability).

The Elements, Poison, and Disease

Each damage type now has special characteristics to them. Those are:
Sun & Fire damage can now catch a person on fire, which will come with a cool effect and some more nasty damage. :P Ice damage can cause frost bite and even freeze the subject in place, making them vulnerable to more attacks. Any amount of electrical damage will knock the subject down for a duration based on the amount of damage sustained. Poison damage can now linger on forever until cured. This goes for Disease damage too. NOTE: Vampires are immune to these.


Emod is fully configurable to suit your needs. There is a file that Emod constantly refers to for almost all of its major features. This file is called main.emod and all you do is open it with Notepad. This is what all the options do:
  • DisplaySettings: This is mainly for debugging purposes and should usually be set to no, but if you're curious go ahead and set it to yes.
  • Color: This is a hex value for the color of your intro text that appears in console.
  • MOTD: This is a intro message you can show to all incoming players that enter your server.
  • URL: Just an additional message you can place in console to incoming players. Both MOTD and URL use the Color setting.
  • POPTimer: This is for the popup message that appears on the screen. Tells the system how long to show it.
  • POPNums: How many times should the message show in the system. Putting a -1 in this value sets it to infinite.
  • POP1: This is the actually message to popup on the screen to yourself and or incoming players.
  • POP2: This is just another line you can use. NOTE: The size of popup messages are much more limited than just using MOTD.
  • DiscFailer: This turns off the calculations for discipline use successes. Put no to turn off and yes to keep it on.
  • NoSpellCasting: Don't want people running around using those powerful spells in your game. Just turn them off. Doesn't effect Beasterium, Kindred, Divine, or the Emod Actions but will effect all the others.
  • SelfRevive: Turn this off if you don't want players self reviving. Put yes for on and no for off.
  • TorporRevive: What percentage of both blood and health does a vampire in torpor need to self awaken? This is a decimal number.
  • NoKnockOuts: This turns off one of Emod's bests features, but if you find it inappropriate then put yes for no knock outs; no to keep.
  • WeaponLoss: If shot in the hand there is a chance the weapon will be lost. Put no if you don't like that or yes to keep it.
  • KnockBack: Another cool feature you can turn off. Put no to turn it off or yes to keep it.
  • Humanity: NSI's Humanity track is no longer used by Emod. Now you have to use this to turn off or on humanity track. It's yes/no as above.
  • Diablerie: You can turn this off or on by a yes or no. Want to know more about Diablerie? Check Kindred for more info.
  • ReturnHome: Ever get tired of your npc's moving back to their creation point? You can now turn it off. Put no to turn it off and yes for on.
  • BanWeapons: This is checked by the lawmen who look for armed players walking around. Put no to turn it off and yes for on. On by default.
  • SocialSkills: For combative games the use of the Social Stance action can be unbalancing. Put no to turn it off and yes for on. On by default.
  • Resting: This will turn off(no) or on(yes) the player's ability to use the Rest ability. Turn it off if you as an ST want more control over players.
  • Regeneration: By default this system is on and follows the regeneration rules stated above. Some ST's may find this inappropriate so put no to turn if and yes to keep it on.
  • DisplaySuccesses: Mainly for debugging purposes, but you can turn it on just to see how the system works. It's yes/no as above.
  • WODSuccesses: This switches the dice system over to a semi-wod style dice rolling system. If you want to see how it works keep the DisplaySuccesses option turned on. If you are a wod player and have questions and comments about this feature feel free to post them in our Q&A section of our forum.
  • EXPGain: You can turn off experience gain through combat and skill use by putting no in this option or keep it on yes for exp gain.
  • EXPFactor: This allows you to divide the amount of experience a player would gain. Lower numbers give more exp while higher is less.
  • NumDice: This is one of the core system calculators. NOTE: DO NOT TOUCH IT IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL IT IS. This is part of the system and if you mess with it in the wrong way you could break it.
  • TypeDice: How many sides the dice have. Again this is part of the system. Same rules follow as above.
  • WODDifficulty: You'll need to enable wod successes for this option to work. This allows you to setup the system's difficulty level.
  • MaxStats: By default this is off, but this can used to cut down on tweaks. NOTE: this system will effect npcs as well.
  • MaxHealth: This can be both an anti-cheat and a system modification. This not only sets the tap on health, but makes it the prime level for all. One good use for this is to set it to 70 for that wod mod feel.
  • MaxSoak: By default this is off, but allows you to put a tap on how much someone can absorb in damage.
  • MaxDMG: This will set the maximum amount of damage a weapon can do. NOTE: Targeting system calculates after this so minimum of 4 can be accomplished. This is something that WOD MOD could have used. So again this can be handy not just for a wod mod system modification, but an overall anti-cheat system.

Emod Character Tool - Author: Mordred

This tool is located in your start/programs/emod1.8 menu and allows you to alter a few things on your character. You can change the name, clan, race, and model of your current emod player. You can also set the player to read-only for security purposes. Read-only prevents the player from being permanently altered by out side influence. This is only recommended if you are playing H&S games where there may be a lot of tweaking and perms involved. NOTE: This setting also prevents an RP character from keeping their gained stats and disciplines. Overall I recommend using read-only when ever you decide to enter a strange or stranger's server.

NPC's, Items, Weapons, and Armors

By Template name: For information on how to create enchantments check the Elemental groups sections above.


  • emodEyeOfHorus - An amulet that protects against sun damage.
  • emod_DivineArmor - Powerful armor that will absorb much damage by vampires. (Human only)
  • emod_ArmorofAges - Very special elemental armor. Find out what it does...
  • scaleMail_plague - Unholy armor for vampires only, that adds body of plague when worn.
Enchantables: Various armors, gloves, gauntlets, shields and helmets can be enchanted with an element. Some can be enchanted more than once.


  • emodHolyCross - Damages nearby vampires (must be really close). Also damages ghosts. (Provides light as well)
  • braceletMana, amuletMana, ringMana - Reduces mana costs of spells for humans. (Human only)
  • emodRunic - Emod runic items for use with the Activate Runes spell. Check combo list. Each rune represents a verb or noun.
  • blackGloves - NEW CHARACTERISTIC: This can be combined with the Beast Alignment ability.
  • emodLamp_SpiritBane - Damages nearby ghosts and provides green light.
  • emodMatthewRing - Summons Matthew the ghost to aid you in battle. Unequip to unsummon Matthew.
  • argentBaton - ALTERED: No longer for vampires only. (Enhanced damage to Lupines)
  • ivoryBow - ALTERED: No longer for vampires only. (Aggravated damage)
  • scroll & book - ALTERED: No longer for vampires only. Has readable texts. (No more use limit - non-emod users loose the book)
  • emodScrolls - Has taken the place of the old disc scrolls.
  • waxenPoetica - ALTERED: Can be enchanted with fire, but that's it. (Upgrades to explosive fireball)


  • emodGrenadeFlash - will explode with the sun burst effect and do sun damage to vampires. Also blinds the screen.
  • emod_Soaker - Spews water. (More useful if enchanted with holy). emod_water_tank_100/500/1000 needed for ammo.
  • assaultRifle_m4m209 - 'Enchantable'. Fires grenades as secondary attack. Enchantments alter the grenades.
  • chaingun_saw - 'Enchantable'. Fast fire rate and 100 rounds to boot. It's got kick especially if enchanted.
  • shotgun_hunter - 'Enchantable'. Fires 1 stake as secondary attack. stake_ammo needed.
Enchantables: Both dark age and modern day weapons in the game can be enchanted with an element. Each weapon has various characteristics when enchanted. Some weapons can be enchanted more than once, but only rarely. See if you can discover them....


  • emodBatAvatar - Place on head slot it will make a bat appear on your shoulder.
  • emodCrowAvatar - Same as above but with crow. Both creatures are animated. The crow will even speak.
  • emodRP - All template names that start with this are harmless rp items for use with the emod animation system.
  • emodRPCigar - This one has a small cigar smoke effect that appears. Mainly for use with male christof type models.
  • emodRPTransmitter_special - When worn it'll give off radio transmittions.
  • emodRPMotionDetector - When worn it bloops when combat is nearby and beeps when you are the target.
  • emodRPThermalDetector - When worn this will color surrounding targets based on their heat signature. Red (alive) Blue (Dead)
RP items that end with _special can be worn by any model except monsters and other strange beings.
  • emodKey - Anything that starts with a key can be assigned to different doors. (Use E-mod Console Commands)

NPCS (Again by template name)

  • emodOrbs - These orbs are located in the props section, but are considered npcs do to their nature.
  • Klammern - These beings transform into a gargoyle when killed.
  • Ancients - Very old vampires of the Osiris clan. The are masters of necromancy.
  • CalleoSoldiers - These holy warriors will put up quite a fight if you give them just a second to think.
  • MecranHunters - Like the calleo they too are hunting the blood suckers that stalk the night.
  • Eythe - Much like the Klammern the Eythe will transform when killed.
  • Hinceda - Masters of rune casting. Usually they try to experiment with rune combos. On occasion they do surprise you.

Recommended Downloads

Tunngle P2P

This is a required download for multiplayer. If you would like instructions on how to use Tunngle for multiplayer, check out this video:

The following mods have been tested and should be stable with E-Mod, AoR, and Wodal.

White Rabbit Pack

This pack adds various NPC models to the list of playable multiplayer models.

Click to see original Image in a new window

Creatures Pack

This pack adds various monster models to the list of playable multiplayer models. Includes playable horses, cats, vozhd, ect.

Click to see original Image in a new window

These weapon packs contain items that can be spawned using the ST item spawn pane in multiplayer.

Click to see original Image in a new window

Angelus Blade Pack

Created by Bent Spear. The texture brightness has been fixed. All blades will start with angelus_ in the ST item pane list.

Click to see original Image in a new window

Star Wars Weapon Pack

Originally created by Kal Diablo; modified by Rainmoon (Javokis). All weapons were fixed from the original version and include improved inventory icons. All items have a _starwars designation on the ST item pane.

Click to see original Image in a new window

Rainmoon's Sword Pack

Contains a small handfull of HD swords created by Rainmoon (Javokis). This was a work in progress years ago that never quite finished. All weapons have a _rain_sword_ designation in the ST item pane.

Click to see original Image in a new window