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The Age of Redemption Mod v2012

Quick Summary

The AoR Mod allows for the single player chronicles to function in multiplayer without quest-breaking bugs. Additional features include enemy respawn, fixed bullet rules so that humans take proper amounts of damage from firearms, ai enhancements for your party members and enemies so that they'll know how to make logical use of disciplines. Some features can be turned on and off using a config file included with the AoR Mod.

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Table of Contents


The Age of Redemption mod is designed to not only allow the single player game to function in multiplayer, but to also fix several bugs along the way; Kind of like an unofficial patch, but with the clear recognition that this a mod. The features of Age of Redemption are designed to rebalance the game by tweaking enemy weapons, discipline functions, and AI logic. Many of these changes tread from the vanilla game, but one thing remains the same: Nothing was changed in any of the quests or storyline. In essence, Age of Redemption is made to amplify the existing game concept by going from the game's vanilla grind feel to an uber grind feel with some awesome twists and multiplayer support.

Single Player

Despite the compatibility fixes, single player is still fully functional and will even benefit from some of the new multiplayer features. Your party members are able to think on their feet by hunting in town on their own and managing their blood more affectively in combat. The enemies have also been tweaked up considerably over the vanilla game by using some brutal discipline tactics designed to make you work even harder for success. The game's plot and cutscenes haven't been changed at all.

Highlights of Single Player Changes
  • Since all chronicles are combined into one, the transition to Vienna should no longer crash for those who have had that issue. Some computers have had issues with chronicle transitions. The AoR Mod removed all chronicle transition calls by merging every level from every chronicle into one then altering the single player scripts to change door exits to new locations rather than call for a chronicle to load.
  • When captured by Teutonic Knights in Vienna, Christof and his party will loose all of their weapons and armors. Some magical weapons and armors will be given to a couple of the Teutonics so kill them to take the magical weapons and armors back.
  • When Christof awakens in modern day, his stats and disciplines will be diluted. This means that all Physical, Mental, and Social attributes are halved along with all disciplines. This will increase the challenges of going into modern day. Spending 800 years in torpor should not make the player more powerful - quite the opposite.
Known Issues

(1) Some exit names may not look right or have the wrong descriptions on them. This is a string + exit name conflict issue, but shouldn't cause any adverse functionality problems. (2) The coterie controls do not function due to how the new AI scripts work.

Multiplayer Support

The new features of 2012 should allow for full support for playing the Redemption single player game in multiplayer. Since v2009, the Redemption single player chronicle had been combined together into one large chronicle. This means no longer having to quit the game to move on from Prague to Vienna. The Age of Redemption Chronicle should appear on the list of available game options in the multiplayer game creation screen. Also note that the AoR Mod v2012 has added support for turning off automatic storyteller, which will allow for freeform gaming and storyteller control.

Known Compatibility Issues With Other Mods

The Age of Redemption chronicle loads all of the template databases at once and is very strict about having seperate addons installed. So far, I have tested MoTA, Giga, Creature Mod, and White Rabbit packs though there is an issue with Giga replacing the Cappadocian Mercurio with the Bloodlines version of Mercurio. Unfortunately, the Age of Redemption chronicle is not compatible with installing all model packs available at This issue will be addressed with the Giga pack, which will replace all the individual packs in the downloads section.

Using the ST Advance + Freeform Option

If a crash occurs or your running a chronicle in short sessions with your players then you may also advance the scenes in multiplayer using the ST Advance option.

If you are using freeform gaming then you may want to advance the scenes with a location segment so to unlock all exits to allow total exploration in that segment in multiplayer. Example is when you want to just allow players to roam around Prague freely then you can go to ST Advance after shutting off the Automatic Storyteller then choose the [Prague] Raid Ardan's Chantry [1,6] scene. Now everyone can go where ever to grind in either the Monestary, Silver Mines, Joseph's Tunnels, or Ardan's Chantry.


This application is used to run the mod and requires .NET Framework 3.5 to run.
Be sure to run this program as Administrator or it may not fully function.

Recommended Downloads

Tunngle P2P

This is a required download for multiplayer. If you would like instructions on how to use Tunngle for multiplayer, check out this video:

White Rabbit Pack

This pack adds various NPC models to the list of playable multiplayer models.

Creatures Pack

This pack adds various monster models to the list of playable multiplayer models. Includes playable horses, cats, vozhd, ect.